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The Perfect Cocktail Bar for a Night Out

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Toscano Bar & Kitchen is fast becoming one of Brisbane's best cocktail bars, ready to be discovered.

The battle for the best cocktail bar in Brisbane has become serious, so if you consider yourself a cocktail connoisseur, we suggest that you pay a visit to Toscano Bar and Kitchen on your night out. Inspired by the atmospheric cocktail bars of Southern Italy, The Toscano Bar & Kitchen team has put together a list of beautifully designed cocktails to enjoy.

Relax in Brisbane City's iconic bar to the sound of live music and indulge in a delicious cocktail menu to suit all tastes. Sip on an expertly crafted cocktails prepared by Brisbane's finest bartenders at Toscano Bar & Kitchen.

As you enter this sophisticated cocktail bar on Edward Street, you'll be greeted with warm lighting, high ceilings and our friendly staff making your night out one to remember.

If nothing tickles your fancy, ask for a personalised cocktail or your favourite classic and the bar staff will be happy to assist you.

Cocktails are their forte and the talented bar staff can make any number of mixes you desire. Looking for impeccable and personable service above all else, Toscano Bar & Kitchens cocktail menu matches their meal offerings perfectly. Their extensive list of cocktails is a masterful combination of aromas and flavours.

Going out for casual drinks can be one of the most underestimated fun nights, which is why choosing the right Brisbane Bar can make all the difference. The ambiance and lighting of a space sets the tone for your night out.

Whether you like to go out for a drink with friends or plan an elaborate night out, consider making a reservation at Toscano Bar & Kitchen. If you're interested in booking a reservation, call us today!

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