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Corporate Functions Brisbane: Toscano Bar

Inspired by South Italy, Toscano Bar & Kitchen is the go-to venue for all corporate functions in Brisbane. 

Whether you’re looking to host a conference, meeting, product launch, or cocktail party, Toscano Bar & Kitchen's reputation for professional service, amazing food, and elegant experiences is the reason why people keep coming back.

No matter the occasion, Toscano Bar & Kitchen will create a corporate event that showcases your brand making it one of the most go-to corporate event venues Brisbane residents cannot get enough of.

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An ideal corporate function venue for your next Corporate Event in Brisbane

Understanding what it takes to put together a seamless corporate function is what Toscano Bar & Kitchen is known for. The team take care in planning and executing the event space to the highest standards. This - in combination with their amazing food guarantees to exceed all expectations.

Corporate Functions Catering

The menu caters to every occasion from events, fundraisers, and dinner parties to less formal, comforting dishes perfect for a more relaxed environment.​

Set menu's are available, along with an alternate drop menu which includes the amazing Wagyu Bresaola and Rum Baba. 

Two drinks packages are available to choose from depending on the side of your booking and drink preference. Canapes and Pizzas are also available. 

Download our functions package for more information and pricing, or get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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In the heart of Brisbane, there lies a space where professionalism meets elegance, where ideas can flourish, and businesses can celebrate their milestones. Welcome to Toscano Bar, a paragon among corporate event venues Brisbane corporates swear by.

The world of corporate events has evolved. It's not just about a space; it's about the experience, the ambience, and the facilities that truly make an event successful. Here's why Toscano Bar has become the preferred choice for corporate function rooms in Brisbane.

1. Strategic Location: Located centrally in Brisbane, Toscano Bar offers easy access, making it convenient for guests from various parts of the city.
2. Modular Spaces: Understanding the diverse needs of corporate events, our spaces can be adapted to fit seminars, product launches, team outings, and more.
3. Tech-Savvy Infrastructure: With state-of-the-art AV facilities and high-speed internet, we ensure smooth presentations and connectivity.


When it comes to Brisbane corporate event venues for hire, Toscano Bar offers a seamless blend of functionality and style. We understand the nuances of corporate events and have tailored our services accordingly. From sophisticated decor that can be customised to your brand's theme, to a gourmet menu that can cater to diverse palates, we've got it all covered.

The success of a corporate event hinges not just on the content and agenda but also on where it's held. With Toscano Bar, you're not just booking a venue; you're ensuring an experience. As the go-to destination for corporate event space in Brisbane, we're committed to making your event resonate with every attendee. Get in touch today, and let's set the stage for success.

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