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5 Networking Tips Over Cocktails: After-Work Drinks Brisbane at Toscano Bar

Are you tired of the same old routine of heading straight home after work? Why not mix it up and engage in some after-work drinks in Brisbane? Brisbane offers a vibrant cocktail scene that's perfect for unwinding and networking with colleagues or industry peers.

With this blog post, we'll share five invaluable networking tips over cocktails that will elevate your work drinks and after-work drinks experience to a whole new level.

1. Choose the Right Venue

When it comes to after-work drinks in Brisbane, finding the perfect venue is crucial. Look for a bar that strikes the right balance between a relaxed atmosphere and a professional setting.

Brisbane has a plethora of bars offering after-work cocktails, and you'll want to select one that suits your taste and the occasion. From trendy rooftop bars to cosy wine bars, Brisbane has it all. Consider factors like ambience, location, and the type of crowd that frequents the venue.

2. Timing is Key

Are you looking to go for work drinks or after-work cocktails? Timing plays a crucial role when it comes to networking over cocktails. It's important to strike a balance between attending early enough to catch your colleagues or industry peers and staying late enough to make lasting connections.

Arriving fashionably late might not always work in your favour, so aim to arrive during the peak hours when people are likely to be wrapping up their workday. This way, you can maximise your chances of mingling and forging valuable connections.

3. Be Approachable and Engaging

Approachability is essential when networking over after-work cocktails. Make a conscious effort to be open and approachable, welcoming opportunities for conversations with new acquaintances. Start by wearing a friendly smile and maintaining an open posture.

Engage in polite small talk and listen actively. Be genuinely interested in what others have to say and ask thoughtful questions while enjoying after-work drinks in Brisbane. Remember, networking isn't just about promoting yourself; it's about building mutually beneficial relationships.

4. Drink Responsibly

If you’re indulging in after-work cocktails, it's crucial to drink responsibly. Ensure you pace yourself and stay within your limits. A tipsy conversation might be amusing at the moment but can leave a negative impression on potential connections. Opt for after-work cocktails with lower alcohol content or alternate your drinks with water to stay hydrated. By maintaining control, you'll project professionalism and demonstrate your ability to handle yourself in any situation.

5. Follow Up with Connections

The final and most critical step is to follow up with the connections you make during your after-work drinks. Within a day or two, reach out via email or LinkedIn to express your appreciation for the conversation and the opportunity to connect. Include a personal touch, reminding them of specific topics discussed to help jog their memory. Networking is all about nurturing relationships, and this proactive step will set you apart from those who fail to follow up.


Heading out for after-work cocktails can be a fantastic way to unwind and engage in valuable networking opportunities. By selecting the right venue, timing your visit appropriately, and approaching others with a friendly demeanour, you'll elevate your chances of making meaningful connections. Remember to drink responsibly and follow up with your new contacts to solidify your relationships for future opportunities.

Experience the vibrant work drinks, after-work drinks in Brisbane and after-work cocktails scene, engage in fruitful conversations, and expand your professional network. Take the first step today—you never know where your next networking session may lead!

Cheers to your success!

Ready to explore the bustling cocktail scene in Brisbane? Book your after-work drinks now at Toscano Bar and enjoy the benefits of expanding your professional network while sipping on delicious cocktails. From trendy venues to welcoming atmospheres, Brisbane offers the perfect backdrop for networking after work. Check our menu on our website for exclusive offers and discounts to save your spot at the hottest bars in town. Your next networking opportunity awaits—don't keep it waiting! Or contact us now!

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